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As your family-friendly herbal expert, I truly believe that you can use food as your best medicine. For centuries, herbs have always been classified as foods. Herbs are foods specific for specific organs and overall health.

For instance, milk thistle is the perfect food for the liver. Milk thistle has special phyto-chemicals that coat and protect the liver cells from oxidative damage. This allows those cells to survive longer under oxidative stress from free radicals.

This website only speaks the truth about health and wellness, because we want to help your family become more vibrant and healthier than ever before.

In this site, still with more to come, you will know exactly how to treat your family.  We give the specifics on herbs, foods, exercise and positive affirmations to protect yourself and your family from any onslaught of a pandemic or even something as simple as the common cold.

This site also aims at giving some amazing ideas about health so you can live your life full of vitality and energy. We will show you how to eat a real diet that history shows can reverse disease and help with weight loss.  A diet of unprocessed whole foods.

Here’s more of a look into what the herbalist and creator of Eureka Wellness is all about…

Hi my herbal-enthusiast friends!

Throughout my career as a herbalist, I have helped so many people overcome their difficulties with such simplicity that often, it takes longer to make 3 full meals a day for yourself than it does to fix your health problems.

The people I have helped have turned to me after their doctor’s prognosis has almost led them to give up on their health.

Using the power of nature, I have helped them to find their way back to wellness, so they feel more energetic and younger than they have for years.

Up until now, I have kept the secret of long-lasting health to myself, my family and friends.

The reason you might ask? Well the governments are not too keen on people knowing about my life-saving programs.

You see, in America, where I am from, my teachers have all been arrested and thrown in jail for saving people’s lives. Yes, using herbs and natural healing protocols is considered dangerous by everyone in the traditional medicine and pharmaceutical circles. Unfortunately, these same people own and control the “treatment” industry.

My ideas are NOT conventional…they are however, an amazing alternative to being cut, poisoned or burned and the emotional, physical and financial devastation that this will cause you and your loved ones.

I now want to bring it to you.

First, though, let me tell you where I started and what I do.

On my journey to becoming a herbalist I have discovered many amazing things. One of these was lost ancient herbal formulae that cannot be found in any of the modern herbal books taught in the modern herbal colleges or naturopathic schools.

I have been taught by some of North America’s top herbal healers about how to make the most potent and the strongest herbal formulae that are completely safe and all natural.

I have spent the last 8 years of my life helping people with many issues. What I enjoy most is teaching people:

  • How to take their health back by getting back to the way nature intended
  • How to eliminate many household ailments with just “weeds” picked from their back yards.
  • The secret tricks to having healthier and more vibrant skin with simple remedies found in the spice cabinet.
  • How to tackle devastating diseases head-on. Diseases such as cancer, Neurological disorders, crippling arthritis and other “incurables”.

I have learnt that if you compromise on quality, you compromise your integrity. Put simply, this means you or I will never get healed. You won’t every be at 100% either. This is a principle I hold dear to my heart.

I promise that I will never use nasty chemicals that aggravate the very thing we are trying to heal. You will never see a GMO ingredient in my products.

I use only organic or wild-harvested herbs in all my products.

No isolated or synthetic chemical are ever used–only ingredients in their whole and complete state. This is so that your body can absorb 100% of the herbs.

I am hoping you will take a journey with me and make an investment in your health. I have not had a dissatisfied customer or a complaint yet.

That is a whopping 100% record.

I am so certain you will join my long list of clients who are blown away by the results, that I am willing to bet my money on it, with my 90-day money back guarantee!

Now you know a bit about the herbalist who is highly enthusiastic about making your life better than ever before.

So kick back and explore the site. You never know what you can learn. It might just save your life.

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