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Here’s an ancient herbal formula that:

  • SUPPORTS cardiovascular health
  • PROMOTES cleaner blood
  • MADE with ORGANIC herbs; and
  • FREE of chemicals, fillers, dyes.


Customer Reviews

Based on 163 reviews
Paul Rynsdorp (Brisbane, AU)
On the mend

So far so good folks !

Ira Owen (Auckland, NZ)
Off the meds !

Have gone off BP medication and all looking great. Have made significant changes to diet as well which could contribute. ( carnivore diet which has been known to lower BP )

Timothy Parry (Levin, NZ)
I am still Alive and functioning well

I have been waiting since January to see a Cardiologist. I am diagnosed with SEVERE STENOSIS of the Heart Aorta. I wish I could tell you am i healed but not at this time. However, I am still alive and living when probably ten of thousand have died of a heart problem in the last 10 months. Still One and half bottles to go. Blessing and good wishes. Tim

Greg Coleman

Recently found out by accident that my blood pressure was way too high and was immediately put on blood pressure pills.
Unfortunately the pills have many unwanted side effects and l would rather a natural alternative.
I know about take super turmeric from medicinal herb store and it works great so l tried arter ease.
Halfed my BP pills straight away and now looking at stopping them soon, BP is now below "normal", very happy, great product.

Customer (Pretoria, ZA)
I am in South Africa are delivering here?

I want to know how long are you delivering in South Africa?

About 2 weeks on a average