Arter-ease x 4 special

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Finally, an Herbal Supplements that Unblocks Arteries and Improves Cardiovascular Health Quickly

  • SUPPORTS healthy blood pressure
  • DESTROYS plaque build up
  • BRINGS elasticity to your veins
  • FREE of chemicals, fillers, dies.

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Weight 499 g
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 8 cm

Customer Reviews

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lynda mcleod (Melbourne, AU)
After ease

I have only been taken Arter-ease for a short period and is far working well for me and hope to reorder in the future. I don't think I will be recording your Tumeric again thank you

C. (Sydney, AU)
Arter Ease

My third bottle is near to finishing. Had I spent the time to fully read through all the information I definitely would not have been taking 30mls once a day. So having been diagnosed 3years ago with Hypertension and high cholesterol. Last October the tablets which were prescribed, mmm, I took for the first week, then stopped when my 3 bottles arrived. I do feel good, haven’t taken my blood pressure, I’m sure is goes higher when I do!!! So, this time I will be ordering 6 bottles and taking by mouth, twice a day. At this point in time I am breaking out in rash between my ring and middle finger, which I am trying to heal. This week I started a Beginners Yoga Programme and now will be ordering 6 bottles and following the instructions. Thank you Medicinal Herb Store. 🌻 Robyn

Mark Munro (Auckland, NZ)

I had a quad bypass 5 years ago at age 57 . I started excercising after this , and about 15 months ago my blood pressure was deemed to high at 140/90.
I was put on blood pressure pills along with my statins.
The BP pills made me feel terrible and I couldn’t train.
I found arter ease and started using it.
I soon stopped using my BP pills which my DR supported and now my BP is usually around 116/70

Saunderson Shayne

I bought it for my mum

Juliana Cronin (Melbourne, AU)
High Blood pressure be Gone!

My doctor put me on high blood pressure tablets and I wasn’t happy as I measure my blood pressure everyday and only rarely during stressful situations like divorce & wildfires ripping through my farm do I have high blood pressure (but when it’s high it’s HIGH!)
So I started using Arter Ease twice daily…my goodness after 9 days my blood pressure is consistently normal…I have reduced the tablets to half and have app with doc next week to tell her I’m going off them…Arter Ease works for me , so much happier x