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For Your Sure-Fire, Fast-Acting Joint and Back Pain Rub

  • Feel the relief in a matter of minutes!

    Now you can apply this topical solution to your inflamed joints and back, not only for fast pain relief, but also to start repairing damaged tissue.

  • No other pain rub like it anywhere, guaranteed

    The deep penetrating oil drives far into the muscles, ligaments, joints and tendons. This starts the repair process from the outside, while your turmeric works on the inside to block out inflammation.

  • Organic herbs with pure essential oils

    The herbs in this rub have been used for centuries to stop pain and bring instant relief to sore joints, injured muscles and inflamed tissue. Our Deep Tissue oil has the added bonus of wintergreen oil and pure menthol crystals.

Check out what one customer has to say:

“At the first sign of muscle or ligament inflammation or stiffness, I have found Deep Tissue Oil to be invaluable in easing the symptoms of both Osteo and Rheumatoid Arthritis. When applied to the affected area, (in my case, usually hands and feet,) I notice a distinct reduction in the level of discomfort. I recommend Deep Tissue Oil for the relief of any muscular aches and pains.” Ellie Arthur– Melbourne, Vic

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