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My friend Diane felt fine.  She didn't have a history of heart problems.  Her blood pressure and cholesterol numbers were fine.  She wasn’t too overweight.  And we just celebrated her 48th birthday.  But, it could’ve been the last time Diane blew out her birthday candles.

She told me that a “little voice” had urged her to get a heart scan.  She doesn’t know why.  After all… her doctor said she was in good shape…that she didn't have any serious health problems.  What Diane discovered knocked her off her feet — but just may have saved her life.

If you’re not familiar with a heart scan, it’s like seeing what’s happening inside your arteries.  The scan checks how well blood is flowing to your heart.  What you want to see is clean, clear arteries.  Yet, Diane's showed a thick, yellow mix of calcium deposits and cholesterol lining her arteries… and over time it would get thicker, while her arteries would get narrower.

The Lowdown On Heart Attacks:

Diane was no dummy.  She knew when artery walls get too narrow — blood can’t flow properly through them.  And if blood can’t reach your heart — a situation which doctors call a "myocardial infarction" — aka a “heart attack!” She felt good and looked good, but Diane’s doctors missed it!

She didn’t think anything “bad” would show up, yet there it was in black and white.  She just couldn’t believe the numbers of her Coronary Calcium Score… 399.  That’s just 1 point away from “severe calcium deposits!”

Calcium deposits had already narrowed the walls of her arteries…Diane was a ticking time bomb.  She was set to become one of the Americans that the American Heart Association  says drops dead of a heart attack every 40 seconds!  Yet, she was determined that was not going to be her!


Dear friend,


My Name is Stephen Mocko and I am a clinical herbalist & an herbal formulator of 13 years.


If you know anyone like Diane who has ever had a heart attack, stroke, or other heart problems…This is the most important health related item you will read today.


I have lost numerous family members to heart disease. I know first-hand the impact that this illness can have. I know the lives it destroys and the silence with which it creeps up and pounces.

Seeing this gave me the drive to find a natural, safe and effective way to fight against this killer. I can never get back my family members that heart disease has claimed, but I pray that I can stop you experiencing the agony and sorrow of losing a loved one.

The shocking fact is that cardiovascular disease kills one Australian every 12 minutes, and places one of the biggest burdens upon the Australian economy. It affects one in six Australians, and was responsible for 30% of all deaths in 2016.

The most tragic part of this all is that, according to the Australian Heart Foundation, most of these deaths were preventable.


There are no substitutes for nature's way have relieving the the bodies stress


That’s why I began to look at what science and natural medicine had to say about reclaiming heart health. I searched long and hard to find the best natural solution to this silent epidemic facing our country.


The result?


The discovery of long-hidden natural secrets to a perfect heart, regardless of age—a breakthrough in the battle against Cardiovascular Disease, and the best way of preventing the development of serious heart problems.


Thousands of people suffering from this deadly condition can’t be wrong! Not only does it work, but it works FAST!


My earnest desire and personal aim is to help get you on the road to health and happiness once more, just like the people in the testimonials you will read further down this page.


These people are now happy they have learnt of this great new way to a young and energised heart.


The natural power of this revolutionary solution aimed at solving cardiovascular and heart-related health problems


Rejuvenate the Cardiovascular System with Amazing Speed, Using the Fastest-Acting, Most Natural and Most Powerful Liquid Formula Available on the Market!


Protect yourself every single day of the year, every single minute of the 168 hours your heart works each week! 700,000 beats a week!


There’s a lot that Big Pharma doesn’t want you to know about Phytonutrients…but knowing it could give you an pleasurable life!


Heart disease really is the silent assassin. In many cases, its first symptom is a major heart attack or stroke.


You see—half of heart attack and stroke victims had absolutely NO symptoms to warn them of what lay ahead.


Many risk factors for heart disease cannot be detected until the symptoms begin.


That means they won’t show up on a blood test.


They won’t show up on an ECG.


They won’t show up on a stethoscope.

Latest Science Shows Faulty Medical Practice:


Angioplasty is the go-to treatment for the 57,000 Australians who suffer from a heart attack each year.


However, the latest clinical results indicate that, unless a heart attack victim seeks medical treatment within the first 12 hours, angioplasty is no more effective than standard drugs.


Since science shows that most people aged 65 years or more are currently living with long-term Cardiovascular Disease[i] (most without even knowing it!) this should make you sit up and take notice.


Arter Ease has helped thousands of Aussies rediscover their heart health, with our fast-acting liquid formula. Arter Ease is absorbed quickly in the body, and goes exactly where it is most needed.


Arter Ease includes ingredients which can help dissolve blood clots before it’s too late.



Thousands of People Have Been Protected


Keep in mind, it’s not only older people who are stricken with heart disease.


It is becoming more and more common to hear of men and women in their 20s, 30s and 40s experiencing a heart attack or stroke seemingly out of the blue.


People that young dismiss any symptoms, in most cases, thinking they need to visit the physio for their back pain or oesteo for their chest pain. That’s what makes it so dangerous. 


Now you can protect yourself, your family and your loved ones with this revolutionary formula.

Imagine going to your doctor's appointment without stressing about what your blood pressure reading will be, or how narrow your arteries are becoming. 


going for long walks with your partner who you can now keep up with without a worry in the world.


The Innovative Arter Ease Formula is Helping Thousands in the Fight Against Heart Disease and Stroke

Cardio Clear

I am all too familiar with the pain of losing a loved one unexpectedly and unnecessarily to heart disease.


Heart attacks and strokes seem to come out of the blue in most cases.

For many, they are the very first symptom of Heart Disease; the first moment the victim is aware that they suffer from the condition.

My honest wish is that nobody else should have to experience the agonising pain of losing someone close to Heart Disease.


Blast Away Cholesterol with Each Drop of Arter Ease!


Disintegrate plaque from the blood vessels feeding the heart! Too much fat building up in the arteries can seriously increase the risk of artheriosclerosis…and for anyone over 40, the chances are that the arteries are clogged to some degree.

The herbs in this formula contain the strongest phytonutrients on the planet. Each has been carefully selected to help the blood to circulate faster and the arteries function better.

Arter Ease is designed to remove existing lethal plaque deposits from the artery walls, and stop new ones from forming.


Rejuvenate the Heart Today!


Arter Ease offers fast relief, as oxygen flows quickly to the heart, giving a continuing boost of energy.

This may reduce the risks associated with this dangerous epidemic of Cardiovascular disease that is facing Australia and the Western world. This is an epidemic of epic proportions, from which nobody seems immune…men and women; old or even young; veterinarian or janitor. Yet, you can fight this epidemic now, before it’s too late.


This Marvelous Formula Goes Straight in the Bloodstream Where it is Most Needed


Now there are no worries about the exorbitant cost of the hospital worrying about dying on the operating table, surrounded by doctors, with the heart cut open.


No worrying about worrying!


Find out just how easy it is to improve the health of the circulatory system strikingly fast.


People All Around the Country Are Taking Back Their Life From…


  • High cholesterol
  • Risk of stroke or heart attack
  •  Angina
  • Clogged arteries
  • Poor circulation
  • Cold hands and feet
  • Low energy and high stress
  • Chest pain
  • High blood pressure Leg pain
    …and more…

Join Them Now!


Arter Ease is More Than Your Ordinary Heart-Health Supplement. Feel the Results Now!


Australians are raving about this revolution in cardiovascular health to fight against cholesterol, high blood pressure and other heart problems.


No wonder the medical industry is worried!  


You’re probably wondering how this breakthrough product works.

It all begins with the naturally-occurring phytonutrients found in the plants that comprise this powerful formula. These nutrients are present in high levels in every bottle of Arter Ease.

The effectiveness of these ingredients is undeniable. And, unlike aspirin, there are no concerns about its safety.


Prevent Blockages Before a Stroke or Heart Attack Occurs!


Harness the power of Mother Nature, and eliminate the risk of dangerous drugs, just like thousands of our happy customers are.

The phytonutrients present in Arter Ease have been carefully chosen and scrupulously combined, and only the highest quality ingredients make the cut.


Miracles Can Happen, with the Power of Nature


Even if you haven’t taken the best care of your body, you are not a lost cause! Arter Ease can very quickly lead to a stronger, healthier heart.


Start now, and reap the benefits for years to come!

No matter your lifestyle, it’s easy to use Arter Ease. This convenient 50ml bottle can be taken to work, while travelling, when shopping, playing sports, looking after the grandkids, eating out with friends, or whatever else you plan to do. You can take it with you anywhere, and use it at any time.


Keep it in your pocket, your handbag or your backpack, and use the bottle’s dropper to easily and accurately measure your dosage.

As soon as this liquid formula is taken, the phytonutrients power through the bloodstream with unprecedented energy and immediacy. They quickly get to work, balancing the body so results appear fast.

Unlike many other heart-health products, the liquid is absorbed directly into the bloodstream. It is bioavailable, meaning that the body is able to make use of every last drop, and is free from harmful chemicals. If only the same could be said for prescription drugs.


This makes it safe and free from all negative side-effects.


Escape an Early Death Sentence and Fill the Heart and Brain with Oxygen-Rich Blood


The phytonutrients in Arter Ease have been shown to keep the heart healthy and repair existing damage. Invigorate the body with powerful circulation and quickly feed every one of your organs.


Regardless of lifestyle and level of commitment to health, it is now possible to experience first-hand the difference Arter Ease can make to energy levels, vitality and wellbeing.


Escape from the Clutches of Modern Medicine and Restore Heart Health


The mainstream medical approach to Cardiovascular Disease is life-threatening surgeries, toxic drugs or aggressive medical procedures whose effects are often very short-lived. Rather than getting to the root of the problem, they merely mask the symptoms, and fail to improve heart health one iota.

Every day, our hearts beat over 100,000 times to supply our bodies with oxygen-rich blood and provide nutrients to our organs.


Do we ever stop to consider how much energy this requires? The phytonutrients in Arter Ease feed the heart with the energy it needs to complete this vital task.


Thousands of Customers Agree that Arter Ease is the Most Natural Approach to Cardiovascular Health


Arter Ease delivers a boost of oxygen and essential nutrients all around the body. Flush out waste, plaque, and deadly toxins from the arteries. Experience renewed energy, strength and stamina.


Feel better than you have for years!





In all my time working in the natural health industry, I have never seen any other herbal formula work as well as Arter Ease. It dramatically improves, nourishes and maintains cardiovascular health and helps with healthy levels of cholesterol and blood pressure.

Every ingredient in this incredible product has been used by herbalists for thousands of years for their health-building properties. Finally, the science is catching up, and confirming their healing abilities.


Here's The 4 Secret Ingredients that Nurture the Heart


promotes optimum cardiovascular health, promoting healthy blood pressure and cholesterol readings. Cayenne promotes  boosting circulation and oxygen in the blood.

Garlic Bulb

a natural antibiotic, antifungal, antiviral and antiparasitic herb, perfect for lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, and improving circulation.


improves liver function and blood circulation, inhibiting blood clotting and helping to expel toxins. Ginger pushes the blood to the extremities first.

Red Clover

the world’s best blood cleansing herb, eliminating toxins from the body without overloading the organs..

The fact is that looking at statistics, things don’t look good for Australians…half the population has a predisposition to Cardiovascular Disease.

Regardless of your health situation, the dynamo of nutrients in Arter Ease make it easy to improve the integrity of your cardiovascular health.

You now have a safer, completely natural way to revitalise your body, with amazing speed. Most people would think this sounds too good to be true, but here’s what some of our happy customers are saying about Arter Ease.

This would have to be by far the most effective and impressive natural supplement I have ever taken. Outstanding!

Ronnie Fyn Sydney

If used as directed , bypass operations may be not required. I have been using the medication for the past 12 weeks and have avoided any further treatment from the doctor.*

Peter Pippig - Rockhampton AU

My blood pressure has never been really high, around 150/80. I started taking arter ease and started eating clean and in 7 days my BP is now 130/70. I am a happy.*

Romano Sattin - Pyrmont

Our promise to you is that taking Arter Ease will mean a long, health-filled, energetic and joyous life. Changes will be seen, and they will be seen fast. 

The best part?


There’s absolutely no risk for you! The research has been done for you, and thousands of happy customers can’t be wrong!


Enjoy Knowing the Odds Can Be Beaten


Don’t become another statistic—live for longer while improving the quality of life.


Dramatically increase the chance of for those closest to you...your spouse; your children; your grandchildren; your dear friends—they all want you around, and healthy, sharing life’s happiness for years to come.

Finally, There is a Second Chance Being Given! Regain Youth, Vitality and Strength with Arter Ease

I am so confident that Arter Ease will benefit you and your heart health that it comes with a money-back guarantee.


If you don’t see the same difference that thousands of our happy customers are seeing, simply send all your Arter Ease bottles back to us, for a complete refund, no questions asked (minus postage and handling)!


Good health is yours for the taking now! Make suffering a thing of the past and start getting more out of life today!

Witness This Healing Yourself!


Start using Arter Ease today and become reinvigorated. Rediscover the joy of life and see what this product can do for you and your loved ones.


Remember, with our money-back guarantee, we remove all the risk to you. All you need to do is click here to order.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ingredients?

The ingredients are organic Red Clover, organic ginger, organic garlic and organic Cayenne Pepper. There is also grain alcohol and water. No fillers or anything else. 100% Natural.

I am on blood pressure medications; can I take this?

This product contains herbs and herbs are food. Have you been worried about adding garlic to a dish or some ginger? There is not a cause of concern to take this with blood pressure medications.

You should monitor your blood pressure with your doctor and adjust your medication accordingly.

How long does a bottle last?

The directions indicated on the bottle will allow you to consume and entire bottle in 1 month time. If heart disease has been going on for some time we recommend doubling the dose. Stocking up now at this low price is a great opportunity to take at higher doses.

Is there any medications that I should not take this with?

Use Caution if pregnant or nursing or if taking anticoagulants or diabetic medications as some herbs can interfere with prescribed drugs. Use caution this product contains circulatory herbs (cayenne) if senstive to hot or spicy foods or if  you suffer from an intestinal inflammatory disease.

Avoid if taking digitalis, warfarin, hormone or birth control medications.

How long does it take to ship?

It takes up to 48 hours to ship your item. Postage to Australia takes about 7-10 days to arrive. 

New Zealand takes about 2 weeks.

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